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5年级上册英语书 五年级上册英语书冀教版


人教精通版五年级英语上册 - 三年级起点单词列表、例句汇总共包含6个学习单元,127个单词。

Unit 1(23个单词)

5年级上册英语书 五年级上册英语书冀教版


·Britain英 [brtn] / n.英国I was not in Britain at the time.(当时我不在英国。)·Australia英 ['strel] / n.澳大利亚I'm from the Australia.(我来自澳大利亚。)·New Zealand英 / n.新西兰He will have gone back to new zealand.(他一定是回新西兰去了。)·hello英 [h'l] / vi.喂;嗨(招呼用语)Hello, who's speaking, please?(喂,请问你是谁呀?)·hi英 [ha] / int.喂;嗨(招呼用语)Hi! How are you doing?(嗨!你近来怎么样?)·I英 [a] / pron.我I'm sorry.(我很抱歉。)·am英 [m] / vi.是Am I correct in saying this?(我这样说对吗?)·I'm=I am英 / abbr.I am 我是I'm sorry.(对不起。请原谅。)·France英 [frɑ:ns] / n.法国He travelled France from end to end.(他游遍了法国。)·Germany英 ['d:mn] / n.德国Germany is located in the middle of Europe.(德国位于欧洲中部。)·Russia英 ['r] / n.俄罗斯During his summer vacation he visited Russia.(暑假期间他去俄罗斯了。)·where英 [we(r)] / adv.哪里Do you know where we are?(你知道我们在哪里吗?)·are英 [ɑ:(r)] / vi.是How many dogs are there?(那里有多少只狗?)·you英 [ju] / pron.你;你们I want you!(我需要你!)·from英 [frm] / prep.从Where are you from?(你是什么地方人?)·city英 [sti] / n.城市I like the city,there's always something to do.(我喜欢城市,那里总有事情可做。)·road英 [rd] / n.道路Heavy traffic blocked the road.(拥挤的车辆阻塞了道路。)·street英 [stri:t] / n.街道There are no people on the street at night.(到了晚上,街上就空无一人。)·what英 [wt] / pron.什么What is going on here?(这里发生了什么事情?)·is英 [z] / vt.&vi.是This is a day to be remembered.(这是一个值得记住的日子。)·your英 [j:(r)] / pron.你的;你们的Dont' forget your umbrella.It might rain.(不要忘记了你的雨伞,可能会下雨。)·name英 [nem] / n.名字This king even has an English name.(这位皇帝既然有英文名。)·what's=what is英 / what is 或 what has 的常用口语形式What is going on here?(这里发生了什么事情?)

Unit 2(20个单词)

5年级上册英语书 五年级上册英语书冀教版


·clever英 [klev(r)] / adj.聪明的The clever dog brings the newspaper every morning.(这条聪明的狗每天早上都会拿报纸来。)·quiet英 [kwat] / adj.安静的We should be quiet when we see this.(看见这样的手势时,我们应保持安静。)·pretty英 [prti] / adj.漂亮的;美丽的Wow,she's pretty!Does she have a boyfriend?(哇,她很漂亮!她有男朋友吗?)·her英 [h(r)] / pron.她的I'll ask her what she's looking at.(我会问问她,她正在看什么。)·his英 [hz] / pron.他的He looks really cool next to his sports car.(他站在自己的跑车旁边,看起来酷毙了!)·eye英 [a] / n.眼睛This is my eye.(这是我的眼睛。)·nose英 [nz] / n.鼻子Touch your nose.(摸摸你的鼻子。)·hair英 [he(r)] / n.头发I hava black hair.(我有一头黑色的头发。)·smart英 [smɑ:t] / adj.聪明的The smart dog can read newspapers.(这只聪明的狗能读报纸。)·cute英 [kju:t] / adj.可爱的Oh, look at that kitten! He's so cute.(哦,看看那只猫!它太可爱了。)·lovely英 [lvli] / adj.可爱的The baby had lovely eyes.(宝宝有一双可爱的眼睛。)·active英 [ktv] / adj.活泼的;好动的Students are very active in class today.(今天学生在课堂上非常活跃。)·how old英 / 多大年龄How old are you?(你多大了?)·he英 [hi] / pron.他He is here to paint our house.(他到这里来是为了给我们粉刷房子。)·she英 [i] / pron.她She is a pretty woman.(她是个漂亮的女人。)·beautiful英 [bju:tfl] / adj.漂亮的;美丽的She is such a beautiful lady.(她是一位如此美丽的女士。)·handsome英 [hnsm] / adj.英俊的The handsome man posed for pictures.(这位英俊的男子摆好姿势准备照相。)·that英 [t] / pron.那;那个Look at that over there!(看那边的东西!)·man英 [mn] / n.男人;男士A man smiles happily.(一个男的笑的很开心。)·woman英 [wmn] / n.女人;女士Young beautiful woman drinking coffee at home.(年轻漂亮的女人在家喝咖啡。)

Unit 3(21个单词)

5年级上册英语书 五年级上册英语书冀教版


·writer英 [rat(r)] / n.作家He was an unknown writer.(他是个名不见经传的作家。)·singer英 [s(r)] / n.歌手;歌唱家She used to be a singer of some renown.(她曾是位小有名气的歌手。)·dancer英 [dɑ:ns(r)] / n.跳舞者;舞蹈演员She can be counted as a dancer.(她可以算一个舞蹈家。)·this英 [s] / pron.这;这个What can I stick this on with?(我用什么把这个贴上去呢?)·family英 [fmli] / n.家庭;家族To him the family is the core of society.(对他来说,家庭是社会的核心。)·father英 [fɑ:(r)] / n.父亲This father has a daughter and a son.(这个父亲有一儿一女。)·mother英 [m(r)] / n.母亲She is my mother.(她是我的母亲。)·love英 [lv] / vt.& vi.爱I love looking after the children.(我喜欢照顾小孩。)·worker英 [w:k(r)] / n.工人The worker was ready to work.(工人准备好工作了。)·actor英 [kt(r)] / n.演员I've always thought he was a wonderful actor.(我一直认为他是个出色的演员。)·actress英 [ktrs] / n.女演员As a schoolgirl, she had dreamed of becoming an actress.(她上学时曾梦想成为一名女演员。)·a英 [] / art.一个I autographed a copy of one of my books.(我在自己的一本书上签了名。)·an英 [n] / art.一个This is an orange.(这是一个橙子。)·parent(s)英 [pernt] / n.父母亲Children need their parents.(孩子们需要父母。)·policeman英 [pli:smn] / n.警察The policeman has caught the murderer alive.(警察已捉拿到凶手。)·policewoman英 [pli:swmn] / n.女警察She's a policewoman.(她是一位女警察。)·reporter英 [rp:t(r)] / n.记者A reporter interviewed the combat hero.(记者访问了这位战斗英雄。)·who英 [hu:] / pron.谁Who are these men?(这些人是谁?)·uncle英 [kl] / n.叔(伯、舅、姑、姨)父I love to play video games with my uncle.(我喜欢和叔叔一起玩电子游戏。)·aunt英 [ɑ:nt] / n.婶(伯、舅、姑、姨)母It was a present from Aunt Vera.(这是薇拉姑妈送的礼物。)·police英 [pli:s] / n.警察;警方Police marksmen opened fire.(警察中的神枪手开了火。)

Unit 4(18个单词)

5年级上册英语书 五年级上册英语书冀教版


·cinema英 [snm] / n.电影院The cinema is always filled to capacity.(电影院经常客满。)·bank英 [bk] / n.银行I have placed money on deposit in a bank.(我已把钱存入一家银行。)·hotel英 [htel] / n.宾馆The Atlantic coast is within sight of the hotel.(从宾馆可以看见大西洋海岸。)·work英 [w:k] / n.工作I love my job,so I work very hard.(我热爱我的工作,所以我工作很努力。)·study英 [stdi] / n.学习The study is furnished as it was before.(书房的陈设依旧未变。)·CCTV英 [si: si: ti: vi:] / n.中国中央电视台I am with CCTV.(我在中央电视台服务。)·hospital英 [hsptl] / n.医院I'm going to the hospital.(我要去医院。)·shopping mall英 [p m:l] / n.购物中心I will accompany you to the shopping mall.(我会陪伴你去购物中心。)·in英 [n] / prep.在……里面Why are you hiding in the box?(你藏在箱子里干嘛呀?)·on英 [n] / prep.在……上面All of my textbooks are on my desk.(我所有的课本都在书桌上。)·at英 [t] / prep.在We are at school.(我们在学校。)·shop英 [p] / n.商店This shop laid in a new stock of goods just a few days ago.(这家商店前几天刚进了一批货。)·restaurant英 [restrnt] / n.饭馆This restaurant is famous for being built on the sea.(这家餐厅因建在海上而闻名。)·company英 [kmpni] / n.公司Our company has a new office building.(我们公司有了一座新的办公楼。)·library英 [labrri] / n.图书馆The one student are looking for some books in the libray.(一个学生正在图书馆里找一些书。)·grandfather(grandpa)英 [grnfɑ:(r)]([grnpɑ:]) / n.(外)祖父Grandpa used to read me stories when I was a little girl.(在我小时候,爷爷会给我讲故事。)·grandmother英 [grnm(r)]([grnmɑ:]) / n.(外)祖母Grandmother is getting along and doesn't hear too well any more.(祖母上年纪了,耳朵已经听不清了。)·driver英 [drav(r)] / n.司机The driver got out of his van.(司机从货车上下来。)

Unit 5(24个单词)

5年级上册英语书 五年级上册英语书冀教版


·schoolbag英 ['sku:lbg] / n.书包I have a schoolbag.(我有一个书包。)·activity book英 / n.活动手册Hand in your activity book.(把活动手册交上来。)·dictionary英 [dknri] / n.词典He's bought a Chinese-English dictionary.(他买到了一本汉英词典。)·put英 [pt] / vt.放;放置Who put my little cat there?(是谁把我的小猫咪放那儿的?)·ruler英 [ru:l(r)] / n.尺子I have a ruler.(我有一把尺子。)·crayon英 [kren] / n.蜡笔Do you have crayon?(你有蜡笔吗?)·yes英 [jes] / n.是Yes,I do.(是的,我喜欢。)·fish英 [f] / n.鱼Do you like fish?(你喜欢鱼吗?)·hen英 [hen] / n.母鸡The chickens gathered under the hen.(小鸡聚集在母鸡翅膀下面。)·goose英 [gu:s] / n.鹅The goose flapped heavily away.(那只鹅扇着沉重的翅膀飞走了。)·animal英 [nml] / n.动物Every kind of animal went on the boat.(每一种动物都上了船。)·cow英 [ka] / n.奶牛;母牛A mature cow has horns.(成年奶牛有犄角。)·horse英 [h:s] / n.马The horse he painted is very lifelike.(他画的马很传神。)·elephant英 [elfnt] / n.大象His tour de force is an elephant sculpture.(他的精心之作是一件大象雕塑。)·no英 [n] / n.不;不是的No,I don't.(不,我没有。)·not英 [nt] / adv.不It's not our business.(这不关我们的事。)·isn't=is not英 / 不是Awfully hot, isn't it?(非常热,是不是??)·sun cap英 / n.太阳帽This is your sun cap.(这是你的太阳帽。)·camera英 [kmr] / n.照相机This camera is too dear.(这架照相机太贵了。)·it英 [t] / pron.它It was sitting in a tree.(它正站在一棵树上。)·time英 [tam] / n.时间What time is it?(几点了?)·whose英 [hu:z] / pron.谁的Whose wallet is this?(这是谁的钱包?)·umbrella英 [mbrel] / n.雨伞Take this umbrella with you.(这把雨伞你把它带上。)·fan英 [fn] / n.扇子;风扇I'm a sports fan.(我是个体育迷。)

Unit 6(21个单词)

5年级上册英语书 五年级上册英语书冀教版


·coconut英 [kknt] / n.椰子The coconut is particular to the tropics.(椰子是热带地区的特产。)·grapefruit英 [grepfru:t] / n.西柚;葡萄柚I had grapefruit juice this morning.(我今天早上喝了柚子汁。)·hami melon英 / n.哈密瓜Hami melon is a specialty in Xinjiang.(哈蜜瓜是新疆的特产。)·fruit英 [fru:t] / n.水果I want some fruit.(我想要一些水果。)·juice英 [du:s] / n.果汁I am thirsty. I want some juice.(我饿了。我想要些果汁。)·milk英 [mlk] / n.牛奶Do you want milk?(你想喝牛奶吗?)·water英 [w:t(r)] / n.水果Do you want water?(你想喝水吗?)·watermelon英 [w:tmeln] / n.西瓜A watermelon is red inside and green outside.(西瓜内红外绿。)·cherry英 [teri] / n.樱桃Cherry juice is good for your skin.(樱桃汁对你的皮肤有好处。)·strawberry英 [str:bri] / n.草莓I only had a strawberry yoghurt for breakfast.(我早餐只吃一个草莓酸奶。)·star fruit英 [stɑ: fru:t] / n.杨桃I had a star fruit after lunch.(我午餐后吃了一个杨桃。)·peach英 [pi:t] / n.桃The peach trees promise a rich crop this year.(今年桃子丰收在望。)·food英 [fu:d] / n.食品;食物I thought the food was very tasty.(我觉得这食物很可口。)·noodle(s)英 [nu:dl] / n.面条I want noodles.(我想吃面条。)·longan英 ['lgn] / n.龙眼;桂圆Longans,also known as longan.(桂圆又名龙眼。)·lychee英 [lati:] / n.荔枝This is a lychee.(这是一个荔枝。)·these英 [i:z] / pron.&adj.这些I'm going to eat all of these.(我要全部吃完这些!)·those英 [z] / pron.&adj.那些Is the boy playing with those birds?(小男孩正在和小鸟们玩吗?)·they英 [e] / pron.他们They are happy together.(他们在一起很开心。)·thank英 [θk] / vt.谢谢;感谢Thank you for your gift!(谢谢你的礼物!)·they're=they are英 / 她们They're too dear.(它们的价格太高了。)

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